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Vue example

Vue is an application or library concern, and not a build system one, since the bundling of Vue is abstracted away through other tools. Because of this, moon has no guidelines around utilizing Vue directly. You can use Vue however you wish!

However, with that being said, Vue is typically coupled with Vite. To scaffold a new Vue project with Vite, run the following command in a project root.

npm init vue@latest

We highly suggest reading our documentation on using Vite (and Vitest) with moon for a more holistic view.


This section assumes Vue is being used with Vite.

ESLint integration

When linting with ESLint and the eslint-plugin-vue library, you'll need to include the .vue extension within the lint task. This can be done by extending the top-level task within the project (below), or by adding it to the top-level entirely.

- '--ext'
- '.js,.ts,.vue'

Furthermore, when using TypeScript within ESLint, we need to make a few additional changes to the .eslintrc.js config found in the root (if the entire repo is Vue), or within the project (if only the project is Vue).

module.exports = {
parser: 'vue-eslint-parser',
parserOptions: {
extraFileExtensions: ['.vue'],
parser: '@typescript-eslint/parser',
project: 'tsconfig.json', // Or another config
tsconfigRootDir: __dirname,

TypeScript integration

Vue does not use TypeScript's tsc binary directly, but instead uses vue-tsc, which is a thin wrapper around tsc to support Vue components. Because of this, we should update the typecheck task in the project to utilize this command instead.

exclude: ['typecheck']

- 'vue-tsc'
- '--noEmit'
# Always use pretty output
- '--pretty'
- 'env.d.ts'
# Source and test files
- 'src/**/*'
- 'tests/**/*'
# Project configs
- 'tsconfig.json'
- 'tsconfig.*.json'
# Root configs (extended from only)
- '/tsconfig.options.json'

Be sure tsconfig.json compiler options are based on @vue/tsconfig.