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Offline mode

moon assumes that an internet connection is always available, as we download and install tools into the toolchain, resolve versions against upstream manifests, and automatically install dependencies. While this is useful, having a constant internet connection isn't always viable.

To support workflows where internet isn't available or is spotty, moon will automatically check for an active internet connection, and drop into offline mode if necessary.

What's disabled when offline

When offline, moon will skip or disable the following:

  • Automatic dependency installation will be skipped.
  • Toolchain will skip resolving, downloading, and installing tools, and instead use the local cache.
    • If no local cache available, will fallback to binaries found on PATH.
    • If not available on PATH, will fail to run.
  • Upgrade and version checks will be skipped.

Toggling modes

While we automatically check for an internet connection, both online and offline modes can be forced with the PROTO_OFFLINE environment variable. Setting the variable to 1 or true will force offline mode, while 0 and false will force online mode.

Environment variables

Some additional variables to interact with offline checks.

  • PROTO_OFFLINE_TIMEOUT - Customize the timeout for offline checks (in milliseconds). Defaults to 750.
  • PROTO_OFFLINE_HOSTS - Customize additional hosts/IPs to check for offline status. Separate multiple hosts with a ,.