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query touched-files

Use the moon query touched-files sub-command to query for a list of touched files (added, modified, deleted, etc) using the current VCS state. These are the same queries that moon ci and moon run use under the hood.

Touches files are determined using the following logic:

  • If --defaultBranch is provided, and the current branch is the vcs.defaultBranch, then compare against the previous revision of the default branch (HEAD~1). This is what continuous integration uses.
  • If --local is provided, touched files are based on your local index only (git status).
  • Otherwise, then compare the defined base (--base) against head (--head).
# Return all files
$ moon query touched-files

# Return deleted files
$ moon query touched-files --status deleted

# Return all files between 2 revisions
$ moon query touched-files --base <branch> --head <commit>

By default, this will output a list of absolute file paths, separated by new lines.


The files can also be output in JSON by passing the --json flag. The output has the following structure:

files: string[],
options: QueryOptions,


  • --defaultBranch - When on the default branch, compare against the previous revision.
  • --base <rev> - Base branch, commit, or revision to compare against. Defaults to vcs.defaultBranch.
  • --head <rev> - Current branch, commit, or revision to compare with. Defaults to HEAD.
  • --json - Display the files in JSON format.
  • --local - Gather files from you local state instead of remote.
  • --status <type> - Filter files based on a touched status. Can be passed multiple times.
    • Types: all (default), added, deleted, modified, staged, unstaged, untracked