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query hash

Use the moon query hash sub-command to inspect the contents and sources of a generated hash, also known as the hash manifest. This is extremely useful in debugging task inputs.

$ moon query hash 0b55b234f1018581c45b00241d7340dc648c63e639fbafdaf85a4cd7e718fdde

# Query hash using short form
$ moon query hash 0b55b234

By default, this will output the contents of the hash manifest (which is JSON), and the fully qualified resolved hash.

Hash: 0b55b234f1018581c45b00241d7340dc648c63e639fbafdaf85a4cd7e718fdde

"command": "build",
"args": ["./build"]
// ...

The command can also be output raw JSON by passing the --json flag.


  • --json - Display the diff in JSON format.