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The proto status command will list all tools that are currently active for a target directory, what versions of those tools are resolved to, and the configuration file in which they are defined.

$ proto status

Tool Configured Resolved Installed Config
deno 1.40.0 1.40.0 ~/.proto/tools/deno/1.40.0 ~/.prototools
node 20.8.0 20.8.0 ~/.proto/tools/node/20.8.0 ~/.prototools
npm 10.1.0 10.1.0 ~/.proto/tools/npm/10.1.0 ~/.prototools

By default this includes tools from all .prototools files up the hierarchy, excluding ~/.proto/.prototools. To include global tools as well, pass --include-global.


  • --json - Print the list in JSON format.
  • --include-global - Include tools from the global ~/.proto/.prototools file.
  • --only-local - Only check tools from the local ./.prototools file, instead of aggregating parents.