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The proto outdated command will load all .prototools files and check for newer (matching configured range) and latest versions of each configured tool. Will also include the configuration file in which the version has been configured.

$ proto outdated

Tool Current Newest Latest Config
deno 1.40.0 1.42.4 1.42.4 ~/.prototools
node 20.8.0 20.12.2 21.7.3 ~/.prototools
npm 10.1.0 10.5.2 10.5.2 ~/.prototools

Learn more about the .prototools configuration file!


  • --json - Print the list in JSON format.
  • --include-global - Include versions from the global ~/.proto/.prototools file.
  • --latest - When updating versions with --update, use the latest version instead of newest.
  • --only-local - Only check versions from the local ./.prototools file, instead of aggregating parents.
  • --update - Update and write newest/latest versions to their respective configuration.