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Install proto

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The following guide can be used to install proto into your environment.


The entirety of proto is packaged and shipped as a single binary. It works on all most operating systems, and does not require any external dependencies. For convenience, we provide the following scripts to download and install proto.

Linux, macOS, WSL

In a terminal that supports Bash, run:

curl -fsSL | bash


In Powershell or Windows Terminal, run:

irm | iex

You'll also need to run the following command for shims to be executable:

Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned

Windows support is currently experimental. Please report any issues!


proto can also be downloaded and installed manually, by downloading an asset from Be sure to rename the file after downloading, and apply the executable bit (chmod +x) on macOS and Linux.


We provide no formal mechanism for upgrading the proto binary. However, you can re-run the install scripts above and it will download, install, and overwrite with the latest version.


To uninstall proto, delete the ~/.proto directory, and remove any PROTO_ROOT references from your shell profile.