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VS Code extension

Enhance your VS Code experience with our integrated moon console! Whether you're a fan of the command line, or prefer interactive interfaces, our console will be a welcome experience.

This extension is in its early stages. Expect more advanced features in the future, like autocompletion, config validation, and more!


VS Code - Sidebar icon

All views are available within the moon sidebar. Simply click the moon icon in the left activity bar!


The backbone of moon is the projects view. In this view, all moon configured projects will be listed, categorized by their type, and designated with their language.

Each project can then be expanded to view all available tasks. Tasks can be ran by clicking the icon, or using the command palette.

This view is available in both the "Explorer" and "moon" sidebars.

Last run

Information about the last ran target will be displayed in a beautiful table with detailed stats. Only tasks ran from the projects view or on the command line will be displayed here.

This table displays all actions that were ran alongside the running primary target(s). They are ordered topologically via the action graph.


View the official VS Code marketplace for more information on the extension, its commands, available settings, and more!

If you encounter a bug, or have a feature request, please submit them to the moonrepo/dev repository!