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Astro example

In this guide, you'll learn how to integrate Astro.

Begin by creating a new Astro project in the root of an existing moon project (this should not be created in the workspace root, unless a polyrepo).

cd apps && npm create astro@latest


Since Astro is per-project, the associated moon tasks should be defined in each project's moon.yml file.


We suggest inheriting Astro tasks from the official moon configuration preset.

# Inherit tasks from the `astro` preset
tags: ['astro']

# Disable project references
syncProjectReferences: false

ESLint integration

When using a lint task, the eslint-plugin-astro package must be installed to lint .astro files.

yarn workspace <app> add --dev eslint-plugin-astro

Once the dependency has been installed in the application's package.json. We can then enable this configuration by creating an .eslintrc.js file in the project root. Be sure this file is listed in your lint task's inputs!

module.exports = {
extends: ['plugin:astro/recommended'],
overrides: [
files: ['*.astro'],
parser: 'astro-eslint-parser',
// If using TypeScript
parserOptions: {
parser: '@typescript-eslint/parser',
extraFileExtensions: ['.astro'],
project: 'tsconfig.json',
tsconfigRootDir: __dirname,

And lastly, when linting through moon's command line, you'll need to include the .astro extension within the lint task. This can be done by extending the top-level task within the project (below), or by adding it to the top-level entirely.

- '--ext'
- '.ts,.tsx,.astro'

Prettier integration

When using a format task, the prettier-plugin-astro package must be installed to format .astro files. View the official Astro docs for more information.

yarn workspace <app> add --dev prettier-plugin-astro

TypeScript integration

Since Astro utilizes custom .astro files, it requires a specialized TypeScript integration, and luckily Astro provides an in-depth guide. With that being said, we do have a few requirements and pointers!

  • Use the official Astro tsconfig.json as a basis.
  • From our internal testing, the astro check command (that typechecks .astro files) does not support project references. If the composite compiler option is enabled, the checker will fail to find .astro files. To work around this, we disable workspace.typescript in our moon config above.
  • Since typechecking requires 2 commands, one for .astro files, and the other for .ts, .tsx files, we've added the typecheck task as a dependency for the check task. This will run both commands through a single task!



We suggest against root-level configuration, as Astro should be installed per-project, and the astro command expects the configuration to live relative to the project root.


When creating a new Astro project, a astro.config.mjs is created, and must exist in the project root. This allows each project to configure Astro for their needs.

import { defineConfig } from 'astro/config';

export default defineConfig({});