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query projects


Use the moon query projects sub-command to query information about all projects in the project graph. The project list can be filtered by passing options.

# Find all projects
$ moon query projects

# Find all projects with an id that matches "react"
$ moon query projects --id react

# Find all projects with a `lint` or `build` task
$ moon query projects --tasks 'lint|build'

This will return a list of project objects with the following structure:

projects: Project[],
options: QueryOptions,

Affected projects

This command can also be used to query for affected projects, based on the state of the VCS working tree. For advanced control, you can also pass the results of moon query touched-files to stdin.

# Find all affected projects
$ moon query projects --affected

# Find all affected projects using the results of another query
$ moon query touched-files | moon query projects --affected


All values are case-insensitive regex patterns.

  • --alias <regex> - Filter projects that match this alias.
  • --affected - Filter projects that have been affected by touched files.
  • --id <regex> - Filter projects that match this ID/name.
  • --language <regex> - Filter projects of this programming language.
  • --source <regex> - Filter projects that match this source path.
  • --tasks <regex> - Filter projects that have the following tasks.
  • --type <regex> - Filter project of this type.