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The moon project-graph [name] (or moon pg) command will generate and serve a visual graph of all configured projects as nodes, with dependencies between as edges, and can also output the graph in Graphviz DOT format.

# Run the visualizer locally
$ moon project-graph

# Export to DOT format
$ moon project-graph --dot >

A project name can be passed to focus the graph to only that project and it's dependencies. For example, moon project-graph app.


  • [name] - Optional name or alias of a project to focus, as defined in projects.


  • --dependents - Include direct dependents of the focused project.
  • --dot - Print the graph in DOT format.
  • --json - Print the graph in JSON format.


Example output

The following output is an example of the graph in DOT format.

digraph {
0 [ label="(workspace)" style=filled, shape=circle, fillcolor=black, fontcolor=white]
1 [ label="runtime" style=filled, shape=circle, fillcolor=gray, fontcolor=black]
2 [ label="website" style=filled, shape=circle, fillcolor=gray, fontcolor=black]
0 -> 1 [ arrowhead=none]
0 -> 2 [ arrowhead=none]