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The moon project-graph [name] (or moon pg) command will generate a graph of all configured projects, with edges between dependencies, and will output the graph in Graphviz DOT format. This output can then be used by any tool or program that supports DOT, for example, this live preview visualizer.

In the future we aim to replace this with an interactive visualizer.

$ moon project-graph >

A project name can be passed to focus the graph to only that project and it's dependencies. For example, moon project-graph app.


  • [name] - Optional name or alias of a project to focus, as defined in projects.

Example output

The following output is an example of the graph in DOT format.

digraph {
0 [ label="(workspace)" style=filled, shape=circle, fillcolor=black, fontcolor=white]
1 [ label="runtime" style=filled, shape=circle, fillcolor=gray, fontcolor=black]
2 [ label="website" style=filled, shape=circle, fillcolor=gray, fontcolor=black]
0 -> 1 [ arrowhead=none]
0 -> 2 [ arrowhead=none]