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proto v0.4 - Rust support, user configs, and more

· 2 min read
Miles Johnson

With this release, we've added Rust language support, user configs, and a few other improvements.

Rust language support

We're very excited to announce support for the Rust language in proto. This is our first language addition since the initial release, and we're very happy with how it turned out.

$ proto install rust stable

For those of you unfamiliar with Rust, Rust provides its own toolchain manager through rustup — a very powerful one at that. We don't want to reinvent the wheel here, so instead of downloading and installing Rust into proto's toolchain, we chose to call rustup commands under the hood. Because of this, Rust support in proto requires Rust/Cargo to be pre-installed on your system. Jump to the docs for more information.

All in all, the cool thing about supporting Rust in proto is that you can standardize all your tools in a single config for proto use.

node = "18.2.0"
rust = "1.68.0"

New user configuration

We have a long list of ideas and features that would be cool to support in proto, but not as the default functionality. Because of this, we required a way for users to opt-in to this functionality, and have landed on a new user configuration located at ~/.proto/config.toml.

auto-install = true

This new configuration only supports a single setting (for now), auto-install, that when enabled, will automatically install a missing tool for the detected version when running proto run (or a shim).

New proto upgrade command

We now provide a proto upgrade command for upgrading proto itself. This will download the latest version and replace the binary at ~/.proto/bin/proto.

$ proto upgrade