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moon v1.1 - Task debugging and improvements

· 2 min read
Miles Johnson

With this release, we're introducing some quality of life task improvements.

Token variable support in task commands

moon supports a concept known as tokens where values are injected into tasks during project graph creation. This allows for dynamic values in your tasks, such as the current project language, or the current task name, and is crucial for task inheritance to work.

However, tokens were only supported by task args, inputs, and outputs, but not commands... until now. Commands can now use token variables (but not token functions). For example, this is useful for referencing shared scripts from the workspace root.

command: '$workspaceRoot/scripts/'

Run targets in closest project

The moon run command can run targets in an array of different formats, but was unable to run targets based on the current working directory. Well no more! You can now run tasks from the closest project based on file path by omitting : from the target name.

$ cd packages/components

# Runs `components:build` internally
$ moon run build

View resolved task information

Debugging task issues can be a quite a pain, as there can be many points of failure. Are inputs too greedy? Are outputs not being created? Does it exist at all? To help with this, you can now view task information by running moon task <target>.

$ moon task app:build

This command will display resolved information, including inherited settings, and path resolved inputs and outputs. Here's an example:


ID: build
Project: runtime
Platform: node
Type: build


Command: packemon build --addFiles --addExports --declaration
Environment variables:
- NODE_ENV = production
Working directory: /Projects/moon/packages/runtime
Runs dependencies: Concurrently
Runs in CI: Yes


- types:build


- .moon/*.yml
- packages/runtime/src/**/*
- packages/runtime/tsconfig.*.json
- packages/runtime/types/**/*
- packages/runtime/package.json
- packages/runtime/tsconfig.json
- tsconfig.options.json


- packages/runtime/cjs

Other changes

View the official release for a full list of changes.

  • Support pnpm v8's new lockfile format.
  • Better handling for task's that execute the moon binary.
  • Updated noop tasks to be cacheable, so that they can be used for cache hit early returns.