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proto v0.19 - Version pinning and outdated checks

· 2 min read
Miles Johnson
Founder, developer

In this release, we're improving version pinning and introducing a new command to check for outdated versions.

New proto pin command (breaking)

Before our official v1 release, which is relatively soon, we'll be making some breaking changes with the proto APIs. The first is the introduction of the new proto pin command, which replaces the previous proto local and proto global commands. We felt this was a much cleaner change, and far easier to understand than the previous command names.

# v0.18
$ proto local go 1.20
$ proto global node 20

# v0.19+
$ proto pin go 1.20
$ proto pin node 20 --global

New pin-latest setting

While we're on the subject of pinning versions, we've also introduced a new pin-latest setting. Do you want the latest version to always be pinned? Do you forgot to pass --pin when installing? Do you forget to run the proto global or proto local commands (now proto pin)? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this setting is for you.

When enabled, and a tool is installed with the "latest" version, the resolved version will automatically be pinned to the configuration of your choice. For example, say we have the following user config:

pin-latest = "local"

And we run one of the following commands:

$ proto install go
$ proto install node latest

Then the resolved version of the tool will automatically be set to the .prototools file in the current directory. Handy right?

New proto outdated command

By request of the community, we're introducing yet another new command, proto outdated. If you're familiar with package managers, you can probably guess what this command does! It'll check for newer available versions, for all tools configured in the closest .prototools file. Very handy for keeping your tools up to date.

$ proto outdated

go - current version 1.20.2 (via ~1.20), newer version 1.20.8, update available!
node - current version 20.7.0 (via 20.7.0), latest version 20.8.0, update available!

Other changes

View the official release for a full list of changes.

  • Added PROTO_WASM_LOG environment variable to toggle the logging of messages from Extism and WASM plugins. Useful for debugging.
  • Updated proto install to auto-clean stale plugins after a successful installation.