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proto v0.18 - List installed tools and configure HTTP client

· 2 min read
Miles Johnson
Founder, developer

Today we've got a small release that includes some helpful features.

New proto tools command

Are you curious what tools you have installed? And more specifically, which versions? What about configured aliases? Until now, you had to manually check the ~/.proto/tools directory for this information, but now, you can simply run proto tools to get a list of all installed tools.

This command will list all tools that have been installed, along with their installed versions, relevant timestamps, available aliases, and store location.

$ proto tools
go - Go
Store: ~/.proto/tools/go
1.20.0 - installed 08/24/23, last used 09/18/23
1.20.2 - installed 01/01/70, last used 09/18/23, default version

node - Node.js
Store: ~/.proto/tools/node
~20 = stable
18.0.0 - installed 09/03/23, last used 09/18/23, default version
18.14.0 - installed 09/04/23, last used 09/04/23
18.17.1 - installed 09/04/23, last used 09/04/23
19.0.0 - installed 09/03/23
20.0.0 - installed 09/03/23
20.6.0 - installed 09/04/23, last used 09/18/23

This information can also be represented as JSON by passing the --json flag.

New [http] user settings

Furthermore, we've added a new [http] setting to ~/.proto/config.toml that allows you to configure aspects of the HTTP client, which is primarily used for downloading tools.

This may useful if you're behind a proxy, a VPN, or corporate network, and certain requests and certificates are blocked.

proxies = [""]
root-cert = "/path/to/root/cert.pem"

Index for third-party tools

Now that our TOML and WASM plugins have stabilized, we felt the time was right to start working on a third-party index, a registry of all available tools. We've updated the official Supported tools documentation to now include third-party tools.

At this time, the list of tools is powered by a JS/JSON object, which can be found here. In the future, we may move this to a database, add filtering, sorting, and everything else necessary for showcasing tools maintained by the community!

Other changes

View the official release for a full list of changes.

  • For TOML plugins, we updated the schema internally to be represented as JSON instead of TOML, which may cause breakages depending on a version mismatch between proto and the plugin.