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A service for monitoring codebases, tracking ownership, and scaling CI pipelines.

For moon powered repositories.

moonbase - organization view

Backed by

  • Artifact caching

    Cache build artifacts between CI runs to reduce job times and overall costs.

  • Run history

    Track CI runs to detect flakiness, regressions, and time spent on task execution.

  • Remote distribution

    Coming soon

    Distribute task execution across multiple remote agents to increase throughput.


Use moonbase for free for small, personal, or open source projects.
Upgrade for more features or for larger teams.



  • 1 organization member
  • 5 repositories
  • 100 CI insights/ month
  • 1GB cloud storage



per member or repo


  • Priority support
  • 5 free repositories
  • 1,000 CI insights/ month
  • 10GB cloud storage
  • Unlocked organization settings



  • Enterprise support
  • Self-hosted / On-prem solution
  • Unlimited CI insights/ month
  • Unlimited cloud storage
  • Unlocked settings

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Prices and limits subject to change before release!