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proto v0.15 - Install and uninstall globals

· 2 min read
Miles Johnson
Founder, developer

This is a small release that adds support for uninstalling globals, and improves our WASM APIs.

Uninstall global dependencies

proto has supported installing globals since v0.5, but there's been no way to uninstall an existing global, until now! In this release, we're introducing the proto uninstall-global command, which will do just that! The API is exactly the same as its installation counter-part.

proto install-global node prettier

# On second thought, nevermind...
proto uninstall-global node prettier

WASM functions

Implementing this command was rather straight forward, but most of the work went into supporting install_global and uninstall_global functions for WASM plugins, and then updating all existing plugins! For those of you writing your own plugins, here's an example of what the Rust code looks like:

pub fn install_global(
Json(input): Json<InstallGlobalInput>,
) -> FnResult<Json<InstallGlobalOutput>> {
let result = exec_command!(inherit, "npm", ["install", "--global", &input.dependency]);


TOML setting

We've also updated our TOML plugins to support uninstalling globals through the new globals.uninstall-args setting. Hopefully the name is self explanatory, but it's a list of arguments passed to the tool's binary, that'll uninstall the global.

# ...

install-args = ["install", "--global", "{dependency}"]
uninstall-args = ["uninstall", "--global", "{dependency}"]

Improved WASM documentation

With each release we're slowly stabilizing the WASM and TOML APIs for an official v1 release (which is soon), and with this, it requires more documentation. As part of this release, we've done a giant polish pass on our WASM documentation, and have included the following sections:

Other changes

View the official release for a full list of changes.

  • Major WASM API improvements, including backwards incompatible changes.