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The proto install-global <tool> ...<dependencies> (or proto ig) command will install one or many global packages/modules/dependencies for the provided tool.

Where globals are installed and linked are dependent on the tool. For example, Deno installs to ~/.deno/bin and Rust to ~/.cargo/bin. Refer to the supported tools section for all install locations, and the FAQ for more information on why this exists.

# Install a global by name
$ proto install-global rust cargo-release

# Install multiple globals
$ proto install-global rust cargo-release cargo-udeps

# Can also include an optional version (depending on the language)
$ proto install-global node typescript@v5

proto installs globals but does not make them available on PATH. You'll need to manually add all the global binary locations to PATH from your shell profile.


  • <tool> - Type of tool.
  • ...<dependencies> - Name of dependencies and optional version.