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proto v0.9 - New GitHub action, plugin unpacking, and more

· 2 min read
Miles Johnson
Founder, developer

This is a small release that provides many internal improvements.

New moonrepo/setup-proto GitHub action

If you're using proto in GitHub Actions and would love to automate the workflow as much as possible, well look no further, as we're introducing the moonrepo/setup-proto action. Thanks to Tom Davidson for the initial spike of work!

This action will automatically install the proto binary globally, and cache the toolchain at ~/.proto (be sure to run proto use to download and install tools).

# ...
name: 'CI'
runs-on: 'ubuntu-latest'
- uses: 'actions/checkout@v4'
- uses: 'moonrepo/setup-proto@v0'
- run: 'proto use'

If you're using moon, be sure to use moonrepo/setup-moon instead.

Added install.unpack to TOML plugin

Our TOML plugins have been quite popular, and the community has been using them to much success. However, the plugin assumed that all downloaded files are archives (tar, zip) and will attempt to unpack them based on file extension. This is not always the case, as some downloads are just raw executables.

Because of this, unpacking would sometimes fail, or we'd be unable to extract the correct file extension. To work around this limitation, we're introducing a new setting, install.unpack, that controls whether the downloaded file should be unpacked or not. By default this setting is true.

Here's an example using moon.

# ...

download-file = "moon-{arch}-unknown-linux-{libc}"

download-file = "moon-{arch}-apple-darwin"

download-file = "moon-{arch}-pc-windows-msvc.exe"

download-url = "{version}/{download_file}"
unpack = false

Initial support for node-gyp

The node-gyp binary is required for building Node.js native addons, and was previously not supported in proto. We will now create a node-gyp binary in ~/.proto/bin when the npm tool is installed. Why npm? Because node-gyp comes packaged with npm instead of Node.js... for some reason.

With that being said, this is currently experimental, as we haven't tested it thoroughly, and are unaware of all the possible edge cases. So keep that in mind!

Other changes

View the official release for a full list of changes.