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Remote caching is now publicly available through moonbase

· 2 min read
Miles Johnson
Founder, developer
James Pozdena
Founder, developer

We are proud to announce the launch of moonbase remote caching – a new solution that helps moon developers streamline their build processes and save time.

Remote caching allows developers to cache artifacts across builds, improving the efficiency of their Continuous Integration (CI) pipelines. This is accomplished by automatically caching build artifacts when moon is run with moonbase remote caching enabled. In the event that a CI run is executed with identical code, the cached artifacts are automatically pulled down, reducing the time required to complete the build. In our tests, we have seen significant improvements in CI times, upwards of 90%.

What is moonbase?

You may be asking yourself, what is moonbase? moonbase is a new cloud service that we've been working on to solve an array of problems in regards to repository and continous integration health.

The first problem on this list is remote caching, which has been in a beta program for the past few months. We want to thank all the beta participants for testing our systems!

We'll also be launching CI insights in the next few weeks. This is a system where we track all your CI runs (via moon ci), and all moon tasks (actions) that ran within each job. We use this information to track the health of your pipelines, catch regressions, alert on flakiness, and more! But don't worry, this feature is opt-in.

We're very excited for moonbase! We have a massive roadmap ahead of us, but we're sure y'all will enjoy everything that it has to offer.

New homepage and product pages

As part of this release, we've updated our homepage, and added new product pages for both moon and moonbase. This includes new logos and typography, which we're very excited for! This is only the beginning, as we're also working on additional behind the scenes products. Stay tuned!